A Better Ad Ecosystem

Who do you trust, and why do you trust them?

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Trust is an essential part of our business. We all want...

To partner with people who are genuine and real.

Transparency into what we are buying and selling.

To keep our brand and information safe during all transactions.

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An advertising ecosystem based on trust starts with our audience. They trust us to provide relevant, useful advertising that helps pay for the content they see. Our advertisers trust the quality of our audience and content offering. And our distribution partners trust that our content and ads respect the trust they’ve built with their users and viewers. Everybody relies on each other, and the more communication there is among all the parties involved, the fewer surprises there are.

Mike Richter

An advertising ecosystem based on trust starts with full transparency. Initiatives like ads.txt have brought visibility to the supply side, but we need more transparency on the demand side as well. Depending on the exchange, publishers don’t always get visibility into the specific brand or buyer and sometimes you have to take all the demand or leave it. Initiatives like buyers.json and DemandChain Object will help build trust for the publisher.

Jeffrey MacPherson

Trust starts with content and audience engagement that’s authentic. We want the signals we get from consumers to be real and actionable. We’ve always tapped into our feedback loop with the audience and are trying to get to that second-level signal. Today that signal is transactional. It’s about someone who is inspired; they take action, leave a comment, make a recipe, or even buy a product or service. That’s a real, trustworthy experience. Once that relationship exists between content and audience, advertisers should be willing to pare and match.

Ken Blom

An advertising ecosystem based on trust is, in a word, transparent! Primis is a pioneer in adopting initiatives like GDPR, CCPA, ads.txt and Sellers.json, and we look for the same in our partnerships. Our buyers need to be transparent with us and provide access to their platform. You cannot optimize if you don’t know what is coming through the pipes. Publishers wonder why a buyer isn’t purchasing their inventory, why deals didn’t achieve their potential and where the missing dollars went. If every member of the supply chain provides real transparency, we can solve these issues.

Maayan Segal

By focusing on four key areas, publishers can thrive in a competitive advertising ecosystem.

Keep reading to get the insights and see what our clients are saying about ads, data, and more while prioritizing trust.

Consumer Trust

It starts by looking at our consumers as equal partners—not data points. Explaining the relationship between the content they consume and the ads they see. Being honest about how their data may be used allows them to make informed choices.

Consumer Trust


Let’s be clear. Transparency is essential across every part of the advertising ecosystem. Openness builds trust among the various stakeholders.


Brand Safety and Suitability

Millions of transactions happen every second in our industry. Giving advertisers and publishers the tools to control where their ads run or what experience they’re presenting to their viewers is essential.

Brand Safety and Suitability

Always Fighting Fraud

An ad ecosystem with fraud defenses instills confidence and trust. You want ad partners working to protect your interests.

Always Fighting Fraud